Kurban Token

A warm welcome to all our brethren to the website of the project to commemorate the wonderful festival that is Kurban Bayram.


Eid al-Adha, Bajram Qurbani

It is one of the two most important annual Islamic holidays, equivalent to the Feast of the Breaking of the Fast. It is celebrated for four days, on a date determined by the Muslim lunar calendar.

The main idea of the holiday of Kurban Bajram is trust in God and His mercy, expressed in the words of a prayer that always begins with the invocation Allaahu akbar – Allah is great.

This prayer formula is repeated many times on the feast of Kurban Bayram by both men and women who pray together or individually in a mosque or at home, both in their place of residence and while traveling.

Religious custom dictates that on Kurban Bajran, family and social gatherings should be held, gifts should be given to each other, alms should be given, and monetary donations should be made to help the poor and support various beneficial social causes.





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1Q - 2Q 2022

Creation of the concept of the website, social materials, token and possibilities of its distribution. Functional and conceptual testing.

2Q 2022

Promoting the idea of ​​a Kurban token commemorating, official token launch.

+2Q 2022

New commemorative tokens concepts, new tokens idea and developing.


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